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Complete Line of Both CLIA Waived and Forensic Use Only Drug Testing Products

Since 2007, VistaFlow has earned the reputation of being the “go to” drug test for detecting today’s drugs of abuse. Over 1,000 criminal justice agencies rely on VistaFlow every day to effectively and accurately monitor and detect drug use. Nothing tells the real story like VistaFlow.

More Drugs

Detects many of today's abused drugs in minutes including including Gabapentin, Kratom, Fentanyl PLUS, 6AM Heroin Metabolite, Ketamine, ETG 80 Hour Alcohol, K2 PLUS, Tramadol, and many more.


Includes 6 adulteration markers to detect tampering and flushing of system including Creatinine, Specific Gravity, pH, Nitrites, Oxidents, and Glutaraldehyde.

Using VistaFlow

VistaFlow provides an instant drug test result in minutes and has been optimized for limited cross-reactivity with other substances.

What they say about us

“Our office has used Intrinsic Intervention's UA cups for over a year and we have always been pleased with their service. Ordering is easy, delivery prompt, and the price is fair. We are a felony probation office so we sometimes have to share the UA results with Court, recently we opted to start using the Smart Screen testing and like the fact that the discretion of the results is off our office staff. No longer are results questioned or debated. This helps n reporting to the Courts. Results are obtained quickly and the company is constantly providing updates and changes to the software that make it easy for the staff to use. I have recommended them to other probation offices and our Sheriff's office.”

Rhonda B., Community Corrections Business Manager
What they say about us

“If you are serious about accurate drug testing, you have to give VistaFlow a try and find out what you have missing….literally”

Aaron, Recovery Court Coordinator
What they say about us

“We used another company for years and Intrinsic Interventions never gave up trying to earn our courts drug testing business. It wasn’t until we began experiencing serious problems with our other vendor tests that we gave them a call. We have never looked back”

Ashley M. Specialty Docket Coordinator
What they say about us

“As our Court Administrator for over 16 years I can honestly say I have never seen PO’s, Judges, Attorneys, and even program participants get excited about drug testing! Smart Screens eliminated our staff having to ask each other throughout the day, “do you see a line here or not”? We are all more confident in our drug testing results.”

Robert C, Court Administrator
What they say about us

“Best in the business! Has truly helped us make our communities a safer place. Thank you for continuing to fight the good fight!”

Sara C. Pre-Trial Senior Officer

The VistaFlow Oral Fluid Test

detects drugs of abuse in saliva

  • Fentanyl, 6AM Heroin, K2 Plus (most popular strand), Alcohol, Ketamine, and many more
  • Advanced collection chamber design makes for fast, accurate, easy to read results in minutes
  • Volume indicator on applicator to know when enough sample is collected

Volume Indicator

Volume indicator turns RED when enough sample has been collected.

Advanced Design

Advanced collection chamber design for fast, easy to read results

More Options

Over 25 drugs of abuse to choose from


Custom Builds meeting your specifications

VistaFlow Dip Cards

1 Second Dip Flow Technology

Flood Proof

100% submergible and flood proof, our dips work under any condition

FDA Approved

Complete line of CLIA waived and Forensic Use


Custom Builds meeting your specifications

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